• How to participate?
    Anyone that shops at our stores becomes a participant if they wish to be. There are neither fees nor any requirements by the customer to enter. Simply ask for the (collect and Win card)
  • How to collect points?
    During your regular shopping routine, there will be some highlighted items in our stores that will be give you up to four points per one SR, also find more points in our weekly leaflets.
  • How to get a membership card?
    Ask the cashier or the customer service to give the membership card. Membership cards are free of charge.
  • How to activate my card?
    After receiving your card from the cashier, you will need to log on the dedicated secured website and fill the information that is required of you.
    You will be able to view and track your points from the website.
    Visit Panda website or by calling 920027707
    Adding points:In the beginning of the check-out process at the cashier, please inform him that you have a membership card and you want to add the points to it.
  • How to Add Points?
    At the cashier please show up your member ship card to the employee to scan the barcode on it and add the points to your account.
  • Linking the cards
    No possibility to link 2 cards or more together
  • Lost Card
    You can print a new copy of your card through the website or you can save the number of your card and give it to the cashier before closing the transaction.
  • Redemption of points
    Redemption of points can be done only our website for your prizes.
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