Our Culture

Panda has the largest workforce in the Middle East, with over 15,000 employees across our stores, distribution centers, and offices. Our selection criteria are built on our culture, core values and guiding principles. Individuals are chosen based on their personal values, togetherness, communication skills, and adaptability. Our candidates are evaluated using a form that includes both technical and behavioral competencies, reflecting the desired behaviors within the Panda culture.

Panda is one of the largest retail companies in Saudi Arabia, largely due to the efforts of our devoted headquarters, store, and distribution center employees. The success of our business is dependent on the efforts and accomplishments of each of our employees. Through encouraging an environment of:

  • Respect Respect
  • Responsibility Responsibility
  • Creativity Creativity

we work tirelessly to strengthen bonds of trust and togetherness among all team members. We're always on the lookout for innovative ways to better serve our customers and make their shopping experiences more satisfying.

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