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If you feel Panda’s culture of commitment to the local community and you wish to contribute to our mission of enhancing the lives of our community, then apply here.

Our Culture

Our culture is driven by motivation, passion, and persistent determination.

Our success is dependent on the hard work and sacrifice of every employee.

From headquarters to every store and distribution employee, we believe each one of us plays an important role in making Panda one of the biggest companies in KSA.

We recognise and truly appreciate the hard work each and every team member does on a daily basis. We continuously strive to build positive and friendly relationships amongst all team members by fostering an atmosphere of inclusion, fun and respect.

With open arms and hearts, we welcome anyone who is willing to work hard in business, be it our employees, our stakeholders or our business partners.

We continue to seek new opportunities that will take us further in delivering excellent and pleasant shopping experiences for our customers.

One-team family

We aim to create a community of promising young people who reflect the core values of Panda. Every employee at Panda must have the highest level of ethics and good behavior whilst also holding great professional aspirations. This stems from our passion to provide a unique shopping experience and service for our valued customers.

Today, Panda has one of the largest workforces in the Middle East with over 18,000 employees working in our stores, distribution centres and offices.

Our selection criteria are built on our culture, core values and guiding principles.

We select people based on the following criteria:

  • Being transparent
  • accountable
  • open communicators
  • Able to work in a team
  • Believe in training and development
  • Passionate and productive employees
  • Able to complete tasks promptly
  • Able to adapt in an open environment

Working Together, Achieving Together, Gaining Together


Career Opportunities

Welcome to Panda family

We believe that work is not simply an office you report to every morning. It is instead the right place for discoveries as well as innovations and a venue for development of professional skills. Employees in Panda always work to reach new heights in performance through enthusiasm, punctuality and adaptability. If you believe you can be the one with this skillset, join us today to take your first step towards an exciting and successful career path.

Our interview assessment form includes both technical and behavioral competencies for each applicant reflecting the desired behaviours within Panda’s culture.

code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct

We work hard every day to build on our years-long tradition of success that is based on the highest degree of ethics and integrity.

Nationalisation Program – Is’ham

Creating opportunities and fostering ambition for Saudi talents

The development of talent in Panda is one of the company’s top priorities. We are confident that Saudi nationals should receive our utmost attention. Based on this, we have launched the Is’ham Initiative to create training opportunities for Saudi graduates, enabling them to acquire the needed knowledge skills, competencies and experiences. Is’ham Initiative includes the following programs: