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The first Panda store opened in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our History


Panda merged with Azizia Company and formed Azizia Panda United (APU).


Azizia Panda Company was acquired by the Savola Group, a major food manufacturer with far reaching food marketing capabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The acquisition boosted Azizia Panda United’s growth and expansion, making Panda the market leader in the Saudi Arabian retail sector.


The Azizia Panda Company reached a market capital of more than SAR 8 billion.


A new format of hypermarket was introduced in Riyadh named ‘Hyperpanda.’


Panda launched for the first time the initiative of 'Leave the Change for Them' that aims mainly to encourage customers to leave the remainder of their purchase transactions for the benefit of disabled children in the Kingdom.


Savola Group acquired Giant Stores and merges them with Panda.


Panda reached yet another milestone by expanding even further operationally with the acquisition of all Giant stores in Saudi Arabia.


Panda Retail Company became the new name and identity for Azizia Panda United.


Panda Retail Company expanded geographically to operate stores outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and opens its first store in Egypt.


Panda was ranked as the number 1 Brand Impact Leader and the 10th most valuable brand in Saudi Arabia.


The beginning of a new structured transformation program to further strengthen Panda's footprint, optimize operations, and better serve Panda's valued customers.


Hit over 100+ million transactions through Panda chain of Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.


Panda has revolutionised its business model with the 'Always Fresh, Always for Less' slogan, a clear differentiating factor for customers. Change has become the norm in a way that reflects its strong ethical ethos. Through initiatives covering vital topics such as health (Be Healthy), charitable giving (Leave the Change for Them) and the environment (Friend of the Environment), we believe Panda is making an invaluable contribution to the societies in which it operates.

About Panda