Frequently Asked Questions

We have 2 store types: HyperPanda & Panda At HyperPanda you can find all food, personal care and other groceries and electronics, in addition to the weekly offers and all supplies that our customers might need. At Panda you can find food groceries, electronics and weekly offers as well.
You can contact our customer service on this number: 920027707 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM and Friday from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Credit Card / Cash-خاصية مدى-STC Pay-Apple Pay-Payment ( Visa / Mastercard )
Click the link to apply :
Good luck!
Click the link to apply :
Find all the necessary details and suitable opportunities. Good luck!
Panda Plus is Panda Retail Company's new rewards program, you enjoy instant discounts on selected products in store with a promise of lowest price guarantee
You can sign up by entering your mobile number in our website
provide the cashier in-store with your barcode and benefit from instant savings (if you have member exclusive products in your shopping cart)
Share this link with your friends & family to benefit from the exclusive offers
Panda App is used as an E-commerce app for purchasing and ordering groceries delivered to you from our store to your door or to be collected from our stores.
Before you use the Panda application and website, you are required to register for an account by following the below steps:
1. Access Apple Store / Google Play
2. Download Panda App
3. Click on” Register” button located in the middle of the page
4. The app will ask for your approval to locate where you are (use this option if you are at the location where you want us to deliver), or you can use the map to pin your location manually.
5. Fill in the information in the field then click on “Register”
Sallati Card is a prepaid card that allows Panda customers to shop and pay with it at all Panda and HyperPanda stores, it can be recharged with an amount up to 500 SAR as one of the varied payment methods that is available at all Panda stores throughout the Kingdom.
1. It is linked to a customer’s mobile number
2. Cannot exceed SR500 in recharge
3. Only 10 Cards per mobile number
4. Can be purchased from any store (sold at cashiers)
5. Convenient for gifting + budgeting
Sallati Business Card is a pre-paid card provided by Panda that allows (companies, institutions, charities & individuals) to re-charge with different amounts without any restrictions and have as many cards as wished, which will allow them to shop at Panda and HyperPanda within the various payment methods available in Panda markets throughout the Kingdom.
1. Not linked to a mobile number
2. Can be charged with any amount
3. No restriction in cards number per purchase
4. Can be purchased from regional offices (contact call center for more information 920027707)
5. Convenient for charity + bulk sales